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Me and my Wife decided to start Free Wedding Magazines to help the bride and groom to be. As when we planned our wedding there wasn't many places that helped you get wedding freebies (mainly magazines) but as you can see there are many out there. We hope that by you getting the magazines for free or at our special discounted price it will make planning your wedding easier and less stressfull. We are constantly looking for new ideas and freebies concerning the wedding. If you have ideas or offer something for free to bride and grooms, please contact us as we would love to hear from you. Email: Contact [At Sign]

Here are a few questions asked often:

1. Are the Magazines Free?
Yes they are 100% free. We do offer some wedding/bridal magazines from time to time at a VERY discounted rate (probably the cheapest you can find even cheaper than EBAY) but those are noted as paid subscriptions and have a buy now button.

2. I want to advertise on your site?
That's great. First you can add your site to our wedding directory. Then contact us with your proposal for advertising, We are open to hear from all advertisers but prefer that they be wedding based. Email: advertise [At Sign]

3. How do I thank you for the Free Magazines?
Tell friends and family about the site, send us an email (Thanks [At Sign] ) or even buy one of our paid magazine subscriptions.


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